PTZ Cameras

PTZ Cameras
AHD PTZ Security Cameras can cover a large area with ease. Great for big super market parking lots, stadiums, convention centers and large grocery stores. AHD PTZ Security cameras have a 2.4 Megapixel Sensor that Delivers 1080P crystal clear video resolution. With a powerful zoom lens that varies from 10 to 30X Optical zoom would allow you to see a car licence plate 1 block away. IP66 to resist any type of weather and they are most commonly installed High up on Light Poles, Corner of Buildings, High Walls or ceilings.  

2.4MP HD AHD PTZ Camera | AHD-PT9030-IR-20X
1/3" 2MP CMOS SensorAHD Lossless Video OutputMax.25/30fps@10..
2MP HD AHD PTZ Camera 20X Optical Zoom | AHD-PT9040-IR-20X
1/3" 2.4MP Sony SensorHD-AHD Lossless video outputEffective ..
2MP HD AHD PTZ Camera 33X Optical Zoom | AHD-PT9040-IR-33X
1/3" 2.4MP Sony Sensor HD-AHD Lossless video output Effe..
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