Vandal Domes

Vandal Domes
Vandal Dome Security Cameras designed to withstand vandalism like no other cameras. Great for high traffic areas or areas where the security is vital that nothing happens to the camera no matter what is the situation. Jails, Banks, Money Cash Service needs Vandal proof cameras because of their high risk business. If a burglar breaks in a Cash Service store and tries to incapacitate the camera by hitting it with a hammer nothing would happen to the camera. Traditional cameras would had break or get dismounted. EasternCCTV vandal Proof Dome Cameras will assure you protection no matter what the situation is.   

2.4MP HD TVI Vandal Camera | TVI-VP2M35VFZWD-288-D
1/2.8" 2.4MP SONY Exmor Sensor 2.8 ~ 8mm Motorized Le..
2.4MP HD TVI StarLight Vandal Camera | TVI-VP2MSVFZ-288
Features 1/2.7" 2.4MP Panasonic Sensor ..
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