About Us

Our Mission

We always strive to provide the best possible services to our customers.

Not only do our customers receive the latest and highest quality product available to the market, but we also foster a lifetime relationship with our honorable customers to help further develop and strengthen their respective businesses.

EasternCCTV originated and is headquartered in New York; and has branched out to CA, FL, and TX. We are a leader provider in design, development, manufacturing and distribution of surveillance products: A full line of quality assured CCTV products, which include all types of cameras, DVRs, NVRs, and related accessories. We are also a registered distributor for brand name alarm and intercom products as well.

At EasternCCTV, we all come to work with great enthusiasm every day because we all share the same strong passion to find the best solution for our customers. We understand the need for the best pricing and products that we can provide for our customer’s projects because dealers and retailers are always looking for better sources of CCTV products to meet the target audience’s needs.

Furthermore, our professionally trained pre-sale and post-sale support allows our customer to not only trust our support, but build a strong relationship with us as well.

Founded in 2000, EasternCCTV (USA) has sustained and grew its business successfully. We take great pride in the growth that we have experienced and will continue to strive for providing the best possible services and products to meet the expectations of our clients, business partners, and employees.

Our mission at EasternCCTV is to provide high quality CCTV products; work that is honest, and solutions that are efficient.


Our Products

Brand Name Burglar Alarms, Fire Alarms, Access Controls, Alarm Accessories. OEM Surveillance Cameras, DVRs, IP Cameras, NVRs, PTZs, Cables, and CCTV related accessories.

Ask our sales about our 4K NVRs that can record 4K resolution @ 30FPS on all channels.