PTZ Cameras

PTZ Cameras are the most common used on large infrastructures such as Stadiums, Parking Lots, City Streets, Highways and More. PTZ cameras have powerful features such as Patterns, Patrols, & Presets, Meaning if the PTZ cameras are set on Pattern the PTZ camera would follow The Pattern sequence that was given. Pattern means that the PTZ can can Look at any direction, zoom, stay, scan, return and everything you assign the PTZ camera to follow. A Preset is a dedicated angle and view for the PTZ camera. Patrol means that the camera can run a set of Presets or Patrol in a scan like mode. 

2.4MP HD TVI PTZ Camera | TVI-PT9030-IR-20X

2.4MP HD TVI PTZ Camera | TVI-PT9030-IR-20X

1/3" 2.4MP Sony CMOS Sensor Effective Pixels: 1920 x 1080..

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