ED NVRs | H.264

Having a reliable NVR system can make the difference between " We got the Guy" or " The system wasn't recording". Easterncctv NVRs are stable and reliable. Record at 5MP high definition Resolution. Connect High definition 4K monitors. Setup Remote view in seconds with QR Code, and watch your NVR system anywhere, any time, any device. Able to watch the NVR from an Iphone and Android Device as well as a Windows and MAC Computers.  The NVRs support CMS software that allows you to monitor up-to 100 Cameras from different locations.

Supports Mobile APP  

Supports Software for PC/Mac    

ED9732NV | 32CH NVR

ED9732NV | 32CH NVR

H.264 Compression 32CH IPC 32CH Audio In from IPC / 1CH ..

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Ask our sales about our 4K NVRs that can record 4K resolution @ 30FPS on all channels.